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You will find here a few other retail amplifier simulators that I will introduce only briefly because I don't owe them and I can't test them. Yet, it's important to mention these products for those of you who might be interested in buying them.

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Guitar Rig - Revalver - Vandal - Softube - Studio Devil

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Guitar Rig (web site)

Guitar Rig is a good product, but it emulates so many things that you get kind of lost when using it. You want to try everything, mix effects, amps, microphones and in the end, you spend more time tweking stuff than actually playing. And you have so much choice that you can wonder how loyal the sound is when compared to the original gear. Yet, the results can be excellent and Guitar Rig is very thorough. Sound purists may prefer more specialized simulators, with less choice but higher fidelity.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig

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Revalver (web site)

Currently in version 4 released in late summer 2014, Peavey amplifiers are of course put forward in this software and are given their real names: 6505, 6505+, Classic 30, JSX, Triple XXX, Valveking.

You will also find other amps bearing names that remind gear from Marshall or Vox, amongst others...

The general quality of the product is excellent and you will find a large choice of stomp boxes, effects and tools.

Peavey Revalver 4

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Magix Vandal (web site)

Not as famous as Guitar Rig or Amplitube and yet pretty good. But the product is now discontinued

Magix Vandal

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Softube (web site)

Softube released 3 amp sim packs. The first one is dedicated to Metal amps, the second one to vintage amps, and the last one to bass guitars. Each pack is sold separately and only includes 2 or 3 amplifiers. In the end, it's a good but rather expensive product. Newer Marshall amp sims are also available.

Metal Amp Room - Vintage Amp Room - Bass Amp Room

Metal Amp Room (web site)

There are only two amplifiers, but the quality makes it worthy for Metal fans.
Softube Metal Amp Room - Amp 1

Softube Metal Amp Room, amp 1 - mp3 file
Softube Metal Amp Room - Amp 2

Softube Metal Amp Room, amp 2 - mp3 file

Vintage Amp Room (web site)

Three famous amplifiers are simulated in this pack: Marshall JCM 800, Fender Twin and Vox AC30.
Softube Vintage Amp Room - Marshall JCM 800

Marshall JCM 800 - mp3 file
Softube Vintage Amp Room - Fender Twin

Fender Twin - mp3 file
Softube Vintage Amp Room - Vox AC30

Vox AC30 - mp3 file

Bass Amp Room (web site)

This bass simulator offers one head and three cabs. The first cab is an 8x12, the second is a 4x12, and the third is a small 1x12. You can activate or deactivate the head and/or the cabs, so you can use an external impulse loader with the impulse of your choice.
Softube Bass Amp Room - 8x12 cab

8x12 cab - mp3 file
Softube Bass Amp Room - 4x12 cab

4x12 cab - mp3 file
Softube Bass Amp Room - 1x12 cab

1x12 cab - mp3 file

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Studio Devil (web site)

For some time now, this brand has been offering a free amp sim called British Valve Custom, but it also sells other commercial plugins: amp sims for guitar and bass, as well as a software tube preamp.

Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp II

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09/21/2021, 19h19

Juste pour te remercier, ton site est super : Une mine d'infos, et un des rares endroits (le seul ?) où on peut encore trouver certains vieux plugins :))

05/17/2021, 19h18

je voudrais utiliser uniquement ma voix et tout les bruits envisageables afin de générer ce que j'appellerais "la pulsation" de ma composition.

Existe t'il des logiciels (et peut être tous en sont capable) qui aprés enregistrement d'un son se cale sur le dit son pour enregistrer le motif.
Ma formation d'origine c'est la batterie et donc j'aimerais pouvoir improviser vocalement (ou en tapant du pied aussi par exemple) des motifs et qu'ils soient ainsi reconnus par le logiciel avec un microphone.
j'espére que ma question est compréhensible !
Vous avez compris que je suis assez ignare en MAO ... juste chez moi un petit séquenceur autonome pour m'accompagner à la guitare !
Merci par avance

04/28/2021, 20h35

Any way to make one of these be a perfect fit for a Chuck Shuldiner tone??

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Honestly, I have no idea. It's the first time I even hear about Chuck Shuldiner. But here's a webpage referencing his gear:
Chuck Shuldiner's gear
You could try the free amp Emissary, maybe?

04/27/2021, 16h44

Hello from the USA!

I'm writing you today because I need help with the LE456.

I've been using it for years now and I've created a very specific tone for my songs that I'd like to keep using. I recently upgraded from an Intel Macbook Pro to an Mac Mini with an M1 chip.I use Logic Pro X and it's a 64 bit system.

I put the .component files into my component folder and validated the plugin via the plugin-manager in logic. I also "Allowed" the plugin via the System and Security tab in Mac settings. It's still not coming up in my sub menu so I can put it on my channel strip. Is there any way to get it working with the M1 chips? I love this site and appreciate the work you do <3 Thank you!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello Sean,

Thanks for visiting my website!

I don’t have good news… I’m a PC user, so I have no idea how things work on a Mac.

Furthermore, I know that the new M1 model has a very different CPU than the older Mac Intel CPUs, and it requires that software be updated to fully work. I also know that Rosetta can supposedly « translate » older programs, but does this include plugins ? I’m not sure about that. I’ve seen announcements from plugin manufacturers informing their users that their plugins were updated and M1-compliant, which probably means it’s a necessity to do so. Unfortunately, the guy behind the Lepou plugins stopped his activity and no longer updates them. So if it doesn’t work now, chances are it never will.
Unless there’s a magic trick I don’t know about.


04/10/2021, 23h26


Je signale que les fichiers mp3 sur la page du tuto "mixage des guitares solos" sont en fait les fichiers des guitares rythmiques.
Merci pour ce tuto, et le reste du site. :)

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